Refund Policy

Digi Udyog  Affiliate Training Program Registration And Refund Policy

Registration Fees
To qualify to register for a Digi Udyog, the registrant must be a member in good standing. Special guests may register with prior approval of the Super Admin.  
Registrations MUST be accompanied by Online Payment Only. Payable to Digi Udyog. Payment is to be received prior to the Training Program. STRICT NO REFUND POLICY  of Program Reg., attendee registration, guest, or workshop registration  
Due to the nature of this business, there is a STRICTLY NO REFUND POLICY. Members will have instant access to the digital products after package fees are paid. DigiUdyog is not guaranteed any income level. The income examples are shown in webinars, workshops, or on our social media platform depending upon users' hardwork. We are providing a road map of online earning opportunities on the basis of our experience.

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